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Our slippers are carefully hand-felted using 100% raw sheep wool, soap and water. We only use azo-free dyes for our felt. The soles are made from natural suede, sourced from a small family tannery in Kolkata and roadfreighted to Kathmandu in bulk, to be used for all our leather and suede products; all chemicals used in the tanning process are contained and reprocessed within the water treatment facility on site. Read our blog post about how our felt slippers are made here.

Our sustainable banana fibre is produced from the waste foliage of the banana plant, grown in the Terai flat farming area of South Nepal. The plant has to be cut back after the fruit harvest so that it regrows for the next season, so trading this waste product provides an extra income to the farmers. We only use azo-free dyes for our banana fibre. Read our blog post about how we use banana fibre here.

Multiple thread colours and a loose weave technique is used for our multi-tonal scarves.

Our hand-knitted products are made from 100% sheep wool with black polyester fleece lining for warmth and softness. The grey and cream colours are completely natural, while other colours are produced using azo-free dyes.

Our merino products are made from supersoft finely spun merino wool; woven or knitted on hand-powered machines, each piece is finished by hand. We only use azo-free dyes for our merino. Read our blog post about how we use merino here.

Our luxury mohair comprises 49% kid mohair, 32% wool and 19% polyamide. The supersoft material is hand-knitted for the smaller accessories, while the scarves are woven on hand-powered knitting machines and finished by hand. All pieces are dip dyed individually to get the ombre effect. We only use azo-free dyes for our mohair. Read our blog post here about our ethically-sourced mohair.

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