Inspiration from Nepal

I always get inspired by the colours and patterns around me in Nepal, and want to bring inspiration from these surroundings into my designs where I can. Our colour palette this year has been inspired by the jewellery of the mountain women, including coral, turquoise, mint and lapis, alongside our neutral colours of ecru and grey.

In Kathmandu and when trekking in the mountains, I saw women with the most amazing outfits with incredible colours.

I love the view of the Himalayas – I used to be able to catch a glimpse whilst cycling around Kathmandu, I’d look up and have to take a moment to take it in, with the white-capped mountain summits peaking over the clouds. These days, with the pollution problem and smog in Kathmandu it is very much a rarity unless you get out of the city and into the mountains, and even then, it’s the early morning views that are the most spectacular as the sun rises. Also, I would always make sure I sat on the left side of the plane when I flew into Kathmandu on a day flight, peering out the window to see the peaks jutting out above the clouds and looking down at the beautiful hill-farm contours, spotting a lone house on the hills, excited to be going back to Nepal to see everyone. Our geometric print follows the Himalayan vista panorama, which always takes my breath away to see!

Laura Queening


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