Every Piece Unique

The recycled materials and handmade processes involved in the crafting of the pieces in this collection make each item one of a kind, with a story to tell.

Our limited edition Berber accessories are individually handcrafted from recycled vintage Moroccan Berber blankets, finely woven by Berber women in their homes in Atlas Mountain region of Morocco. Each piece has a unique colour palette and the different colours in warp and weft to give a two tone colour effect.

Recycled glass is used to make our chunky bead jewellery pieces, which are strung by a team of women in rural Nepal who work from home around their family commitments. These traditional necklaces are sometimes worn by women in the hill and mountain regions in Nepal.

Our wooden pens are made using recycled staves from oak wood whisky barrels sourced from the Speyside Cooperage in Scotland. Each wooden barrel can have up to 50 years usage by the surrounding Speyside Whisky distilleries, with the aroma of the whisky soaked into the wood after years of the distilling process. The colour of the wood and marks on the wood vary from piece to piece due to the handmade nature of the product, as wood can react differently to the whisky in contact with it.
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