Meet the AURA QUE Team working on Sales, Marketing and Design

Since early last year, AURA QUE was solely run by Laura Queening, madly doing a little bit of everything! Luckily we have recently been able to expand and work with some fantastic team members here in the UK, to help build the brand and increase sales for us and our producers in Nepal. Here we introduce our team!



Eleanor manages our online retail and wholesale platforms, corresponds with retail customers, and organises our stock inventory and dispatch with the warehouse. An old secondary school friend of Laura’s, they have come a long way from GCSE art classes together! She is a whizz at everything organisational and systems based, keeping us all in line here at AQ…]

Working remotely for AURA QUE in West Yorkshire, she juggles AQ work around raising her three fantastically ‘spirited’ boys. Her downtime is currently spent experimenting with various recycled textile crafts, and she is passionate about waste reduction.



Lucy joined AURA QUE in January 2019, managing sales with our wholesale stockists and coordinating our social media, blog posts and newsletters brilliantly. She will be there with a warm smile at our wholesale tradeshows, retail fairs and open studios with Laura.  Having previously managed a social enterprise coffee shop, she has taken to sales like a duck to water – good job she likes all our products!

Based in our studio in Peckham, she works around her childrens’ school day or burns the midnight oil on flexi hours. With her cheery manner and infectious enthusiasm, she is always armed with a random snack from local ‘open all hours’ shop Khans, and a good coffee brewing to keep us going…


Caroline has been working with us for over a year on everything tech and logistical! Though she works on a freelance consultant basis, she has been an integral part of the team at AURA QUE and our growth as a company.  With a calm listening ear and epic problem-solving capabilities, as well as being a tech extraordinaire, she has been helping us sort out the tech systems for our stock, accounts, task management, online retail platforms and website – to name but a few! 

A South East London dweller, originally from Buffalo NY, Caroline has been a secondary school teacher, built websites and software apps, written a brilliant novel (Laura can vouch for this!) and a whizz at all things creative and textile craft!

Other important AQ helpers to mention:

With all our inventory stored at a warehouse in Newbury, where our orders are picked and packed, we couldn’t do this without the whirlwind of Rachel, the warehouse manager extraordinaire. 

We couldn’t keep on top of the books and accounts without the recent help from Steve, who has been an invaluable help.

Recently, illustrator Rosie Holman has worked on patterns, graphic ideas and illustrations for AURA QUE which we are excited to develop further!

And lastly, I wouldn’t still be doing this without the never-ending encouragement and practical support from my family, especially John Queening, who can turn his hand to anything!


Laura Queening


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