Merino: The finest wool in the world. How do we use it?

For our NINA wristwarmers, OLA scarf and KALA hat we work with merino yarn that is knitted very precisely into a tight jersey on hand-operated knitting machines by one of our producer groups based just outside of Kathmandu. Two years ago, they moved their factory base to be nearer where many of the producers live, so they had less of a commute to work, as the traffic and public transport around Kathmandu is very strained these days.

Merino wool comes from the merino sheep and has particularly special qualities compared with standard wool, it is luxuriously soft and fine and has a unique sheen. Combined with the natural ability wool has to insulate and repel water, merino is considered one of finest wools in the world. The natural colours that can be seen in our knitwear are created using 25% yak wool mixed with merino wool in it’s natural form, mélange beige, or it is dyed black. Our other colourways are all made with 100% merino wool.

Each piece is made to size on the knitting machines, based on the gauge and yarn thickness. The clinking of the knitting machines is a memorable noise and rhythm! The pieces are then finishing on linking machines and finishing machines, with any edges hand-finished with crochet hooks. Once pressed and our brand woven label sewn in, these pieces are finished and ready for sale!

Laura Queening

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