Inspiration behind the 2019 AURA QUE Collection | Felt, Dhaka, Brass and more


 For our collection this year, Laura was mainly inspired by the skills of the artisans we work with. She loves the mix of materials and wanted to develop more products with a mix of handmade materials as well as authentic Nepali fabrics, such as the traditional Dhaka which we commissioned for our finely woven colourful designs as well as our handwoven heavy Dhaka tote and soft interior accessories.



Pictures of our New Dhaka Range

 It has been exciting to build on our current range; developing new styles to keep regular work for our existing nine artisan groups.  As well as starting new collaborations with three new artisan groups including Nabila and Rajesh with our bead jewellery range, Ashok and team with our small brass jewellery range, and Milan and his team with our felt ball mats.


Felt ball manufacture at the Workshop

With each producer we work with, we look at their current product range and samples, to gauge their skillset and capabilities, and develop new products and colours with them, which can be a long process.  Laura doesn’t usually buy anything ‘off the shelf’ but has to spend time collaborating on new designs, getting each product sampled several times until it feels right, sorting sourcing issues, finalising and sourcing packaging and finally getting the production schedule finalised.



Laura with sample weaver, Deepchand.

 Our new colour palette has been really well received, which was centred on Laura's favourite mustard yellow heavy cotton swatch which was sampled by Deepchand, who weaves our fabrics. And everything went yellow from there! With such a large and varied collection of products, it is important to get a cohesive colour palette where all our products can sit naturally together.

A glance at some of the *NEW* products we have launched.

The MEL crochet bag, HARSA clutch and GANCHHEN scarf:


*New* ASON earrings, ASIK coasters & EKATA bag.


It has been a mad rush getting everything ready and finalised for this (late) 2019 launch, but we are really proud of the collection and all our producers who worked on all the development and continue with the productions right now! 

Check out all the new designs on our website here.


From Laura and the AURA QUE team.


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