What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The Sustainable Development Goals were launched in 2015 by the United Nations Development Programme, created as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity, agreed by all Heads of State and Governments in September 2015.

On the UN website Knowledge Platform you can see each goal and find out the progress and info each year on what is happening in each area – it is super interesting and I have found it really inspiring to read and find out more about.

Visit the UN website here.

The Sustainable Goals are exciting globally to encourage all countries and initiatives to work together to help people internationally, to protect the environment and try to live more sustainably. As people are consuming more consciously, being more aware of the environment and political issues globally, I’m hopeful that positive changes can be made in the world!

For AURA QUE, in our small way, we predominantly working within Goal 8 ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’ by helping to employ artisans in Nepal to receive a living wage with benefits to help with healthcare and their children’s education. There is also a lot of crossover with many other goals and areas, but we also want to think more about Goal 12 ‘Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns’ and reducing our wastage and sustainable business practices. As the business grows, I hope I can have more time to put these ideas into practice and develop more products with sustainable materials and always look to improve our business practice and links with our artisans globally.

For the three year anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals launch, the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) are launching the most important document of the Fair Trade movement – the International Fair Trade Charter. On 25 September 2018, Fair traders across five continents will present the Charter that proclaims the Fair Trade vision and approaches.  Follow #FairTradeCharter to learn upcoming events on the Charter launch worldwide. So we are looking forward to seeing what is outlined by the WFTO this month…

View more info on the WFTO website here.

Laura Queening


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