Where is our mohair from?

It's wool week this week and after the recent PETA revelations of mistreatment of angora goats in South Africa, we wanted to double-check again through our supply chain to examine the raw mohair we use for our ombre range of winter accessories, in order to be completely transparent with our customers.

Our mohair is bought as spun yarn from a large reputable supplier in China and road-freighted to Nepal in bulk. We have received the following information from our producer in Nepal from the supplier:

“Mohair is the name of the fleece shorn from the Angora goat and the goats are shorn twice a year, either by hand or electric shears. The animals are not harmed in any way during the shearing process.”

We have been assured that the farmers adhere to the utmost Animal Welfare as set out by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the WWF, with the following Animal Welfare Practices exercised:

  • Provision of adequate nutrition for maintenance, growth and reproduction
  • Prevent pain, injury and disease by good animal health practices
  • Provide the environment for goats to express natural behaviour
  • Protection from fear, distress, predation and when exposed to life-threatening weather conditions
  • Controlled use of animal health remedies and prevention of exposure to unnecessary or illegally imposed toxins.

Our yarn is 49% kid mohair, 32% lambswool and 19% polyamide.

Polyamide fibres are needed to give more strength, wear resistance and elasticity to the mohair mix fibre.

The Making Process
Our smaller mohair pieces, the DIGO hat and BESS wristwarmers are knitted by hand and the large pieces, our GALA shawl and VELA neckwarmer are made on a hand-operated knitting machine. When the knitted item is complete, they are then dip-dyed to create our AURA QUE ombre finish.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Laura Queening


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