We are very sorry to those customers who have been affected by the current industrial action. We completely empathise with the frustration that is being caused by the delayed delivery of your order. We have been working all hours our end to do everything possible to get your package to you in a timely manner.  

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated experience. This is a widespread national problem that is completely out of our control. More details are available here. We are being contacted continuously by customers affected. Instead of delivering orders chronologically from when they entered the system; Royal Mail have implemented a ‘frontloading’ procedure meaning the latest parcels are being delivered first and those caught in the backlog remain so. This gives the illusion that older items have been lost in the post and tracking information remains ‘frozen’. In some cases the tracking information for older orders has not even been activated. 

For this reason we are unable to provide a refund or replacement for delayed goods, for which we receive no remuneration from Royal Mail. Unfortunately we have no control on how Royal Mail manage their backlog and have incurred all costs to send orders in good faith. We can of course refund any items returned to us if they are delivered later than required. Our return policy to based upon delivery rather than order date so the full 28 days will apply if delivery was later than expected.

As a knock on of the strikes, the courier services are also backlogged and experiencing significant delays in many areas. The result of which means there are currently no alternative services on which we can rely for guaranteed delivery schedules. 

It is of great importance to us that our customers are happy with their purchases. As a small team who pride themselves on our fast dispatch times and efficient service, this is having a monumental effect on our business both financially and in terms of our brand reputation.

We realise this causes a great deal of frustration which we very much share with you. We are sincerely sorry if you have been inconvenienced by a postal delay.

Best wishes

Lauren & Mel

AURA QUE Customer Service